"Can be summed up in one word...Epic." FOLK LONDON    Download Full Article (pdf)

“Grabs you, demands you sit up straight and listen with every fibre of your being....Crying out to be listened to.” FOLKCAST     Download Full Article (pdf)

"A line in ‘Validation’ states “Success is everywhere except here” but here’s hoping they’ll have to change that line sooner rather than later." TOM ROBINSON (6 MUSIC)'S 'FRESH ON THE NET' WEBSITE    Download Full Article (pdf)

"Proudly partial, committed and defiantly determined to sing about the things they care about...upbeat, uplifting...heartfelt." FATEA MAGAZINE Download Full Article (pdf)

"13 amazingly different tracks with superb vocals from Lorraine Reilly and...Jeremy Millington. [It] never puts a foot wrong musically, vocally and lyrically. With its spot on commentaries on contemporary life, this is in part very much part of the here and now, as well as being timeless, and a classic album of future proto folk protest songs. Well worth listening to." ROCK SOCIETY MAGAZINE Download Full Article (pdf)

"Lorraine Reilly and Jeremy Millington have brought their blend of upbeat folk music to this new collection of tracks and it further cements them as great musicians in this genre....a collection of fantastically composed tracks." FEMALE FIRST  Download Full Article (pdf)

“Counterbalance is an extraordinarily beautiful album. Music for the mind – both lyrically and musically.” PETE WHALLEY, GET READY TO ROCK, September 2012 Download Full Article (pdf)

"In a world of black and white, this album is a rainbow. The Portraits have taken fluid vocal production and musicianship, combined it with beauty and sunshine, to make one of the most impeccable collections of Jazz and Accoustic music I’ve ever heard." IAE Magazine, Review of The Blushing Of A World In White, CD album, 2010 Download Full Article (pdf)

"The perfectly entitled The Blushing Of A World In White...has been released today. Quite simply, with this beautifully written album they have fulfilled all the promise that was clearly evident in their earlier work." Download Full Article (pdf)

"The Portraits blend sophistication with simplicity; a classical mien with modern mores on The Blushing Of A World In White. Infused with musical and rhythmic influences drawn from at least four continents, The Portraits create thought-provoking works of art in song.....The Portraits always sound fresh and inspired. This is a must-have album." Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World, Review of The Blushing Of A World In White, CD album, 2010 Download Full Article

"From multiple percussive instruments to pianos, flutes, cellos, trumpets and more, the Portraits weave together intricate layers of music like a seasoned seamstress." J. Turner,, Review of Timescape, CD album, 2009 Download Full Article (pdf)

"The Portraits create music that radiates such a warm glow that words look dull and lifeless in comparison....Superbly crafted song writing, compelling lyrics, and excellent musicianship..." Jeff Perkins, Eurorock Column, Blog Critics, Review of Timescape, CD album, 2009 Download Full Article (pdf)

"A blissfully varied collection of songs brimming with subtle emotions and an array of eclectic instruments." Giselle Nyugen, Shakespear's Sister, Daily Vault, Review of Timescape, CD album, 2009 Download Full Article (pdf)

"The Portraits’ sound is soft and breezy....The Millingtons are a formidable songwriting duo. Timescape is a well crafted, entertaining CD...." Don Sechelski, Muse's Muse, Review of Timescape, CD album, 2009 Download Full Article

"The Portraits defy easy definition. The duo, comprised of Galway’s Lorraine Reilly (guitar, vox) and Bristol’s Jeremy Millington, is one of the most unique and haunting acts to come across this desk...." Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World, Review of Timescape, CD album, 2009 Download Full Article (pdf)

“The Portraits, who are a song-writing duo from the British Isles, have a very slick and smooth sound that I’ve been finding personally very addictive.…there’s a very warm English breeze that wafts through their music…their vocals work together in such a pleasant-sounding way, that before you know it, you’ve become so completely engrossed in them.”
From, review of Kin, CD album, 2006