This was the appeal we put up online at the end of 2018, which attracted a record number of entries and around which we built our new single 'Harmonise': "Send us a video selfie of you, alone or with friends, family, workmates, etc, saying or singing the word 'Harmonise' into your phone or camera. Send us the names of all of you who have taken part and we will use your video and sound in our new song of unity, and credit you all individually by name. The song's aim isĀ to help us heal during these days of division and we plan to release it in the spring of 2019."

And by jove you did send us your selfies, dozens of them! And we used them all. Above this text is the video for the final single, which also made it onto our 2019 album, 'For Our Times', and below is a live versionĀ - hope you enjoy!

The Portraits - Harmonise (single) Release date 29.03.2019